70'S Motorhome Keychain

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This is an elegant and vintage-inspired keychain that appeals to the best of both worlds... your outdoorsy, adventurous side, as well as your indoorsy side. Go glamping in style with this rose gold keychain that features a 70's motorhome with appropriately floral CMYK printed curtains, and a small hen-and-chick succulent to keep it company. Give your keys some extra flair, why not!

About the designers: 

Rosehound Apparel & Design was created by Megan Campagnolo, a Toronto-based designer/artist/etc. and 2013 Ryerson Fashion Design alumni. The line was originally derived from her graduation project under the name "Melancholy", a casual/contemporary Twin Peaks-themed collection. Rosehound was established in May 2013 and put into production the following October!