Half Moon Air Plant Holder

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The Half-Moon Hanging Air Plant Altar elevates your Tillandsia or wildflower bouquet to higher levels by surrounding it in warm color and bold design. Hand cut, shaped, and soldered, then finished in black and decorated in brass. Laced with sturdy black nylon. For maximum color saturation, position by a window or from a decorative hook in the wall.


  • Measurements: 6” x 8” half-moon body
  • Nylon measures approximately 14” long
  • Color: Rose, Amber, & Copper
  • Decorative brass
  • Indoor use only
  • Maximum weight: 1lb

About the maker:

Chelsea was first introduced to stained glass by her uncle, Michael Marr Dyer. He was very talented at making lead lights and mosaics, and always gifted his completed projects to his friends and family. As a child, she marveled at the colors dancing through the panels and onto the walls, and at the craft of the finished panels hanging in their windows. She vowed to have him show her how to make them someday.

Unfortunately, Mike passed away very suddenly in 2013, and Chelsea never had a chance to ask him to teach her. A year later, she decided to take a class, truly falling in love with the process. She started Brewer & Marr Glassworks in honor of her late uncle, and continues his legacy by sharing her love of the craft through her hard work, dedication, and love of light, color, design & meticulous craftsmanship. She still marvels at every sun catcher, panel and commission she finishes… and she likes to think Mike is with her every step of the way.