Echeveria Rosettes Print

Echeveria Rosettes Print

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This genus is taking over my garden cluster by cluster. They have a resilient nature and reproduce by sprouting tiny replicas of themselves which fall off and become its own rosette. They are perfect examples of the Fibonacci sequence individually, but together, they are natures toss print.

Printed on natural white artist’s quality paper, made of 90% bamboo. Pattern studies are numbered, titled, signed and printed in limited quantity.

Each print comes in a clear plastic sealed sleeve and backed with a white mat board. Print packaging is 100% recyclable.


About the artist:

Jenny K. is from North Carolina and was born into a family of green thumbs. She attended Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating with an Illustration major / Painting minor and worked as a textile designer and display artist before making the leap into full-time fine art. Living Pattern was started as a way to capture the life, growth, and change in the natural world.