Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray White Mountains

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    Made from reclaimed lumber and edged with found barn wood, this serving tray with a beautiful mountain pattern is sure to be a beautiful addition to your home. Each piece of wood is carefully cut and sanded, painted or stained and sealed, and assembled by hand in the workshop. When it is not resting in the living room, it also makes a great ottoman tray, bar serving tray, or coffee table tray.

    It is assembled with wood glue and nails for a tight hold, and sealed with several coats of clear coat. Although it is sealed, I would not recommend placing wet glasses directly on the tray to preserve the longevity of the finish.

    • 12"x8"x2" / 2 pounds

    About the designer:

    Samantha Hartman is the all-around creative mind behind Infinite Abyss. A one woman show, she designs, plans, builds, markets, packages, ships, photographs, styles, and creates the brand. Originally from Pittsburgh, she currently resides in Wyoming but is always traveling to enjoy new sights and experiences. Samantha loves to take old things and bring them back to life, because they are on a never-ending journey, and so are you.

    Infinite Abyss combines a love of reclaimed materials with an interest in modern design to create décor for the home that is a rustic take on a classic style. Each piece is meticulously crafted from salvaged wood and 100-year-old barnwood in a small town in Wyoming. A lot of inspiration is drawn from the idea of turning old, discarded objects into new, one-of-a-kind designs, and that is why the search for items with an interesting history never ends – it is important that each product is unique and full of character. She scours local lumber yards, flea markets, estate sales, and even abandoned farmhouses for the perfect materials.