Slate/Black Polka Dot Latte Mug

Slate/Black Polka Dot Latte Mug

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These beautiful mugs have been hand painted with black polka dots and dipped in a gorgeous matte slate grey glaze on the handle and opposite rim. They were then fired with a clear glaze to coat the dots and leave the matte finish particularly yummy to feel on the handle and rim. The clear glazes protects and seals all the pretty dots. All glazes are lead free, safe for eating, and drinking. For best results, hand wash with care. 

These mugs are great for coffee, tea, cocoa, latte's, soup, etc... They are a generous size -- 4.5" wide & 3" tall, holding 24 oz. 

About the maker: 

A love for pretty, lovely, handmade items joined with all things vintage makes Jenifer a happy lady. She loves to create in just about all ways; she’s a knitter, a canner/jammer/pickler, a collagist, a self-proclaimed image taker and maker, a clayer, a drawer, a painter, a semi-seamstress, a jewelry maker, and a baker. Jenifer has been making handmade items and selling since 2004.

Jenifer currently is a kindergarten through 8th grade Visual Arts teacher in downtown San Francisco. In 2014, she was awarded the Herbst Excellence in Teaching Award.