Zuma - 4-count tea light pack

Zuma - 4-count tea light pack

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Golden State Wax's first true summer scent, Zuma, smells strong of coconut nectar, in celebration of one of Southern California's most famous beaches. The perfect aroma to remind you of days spent at the coast, toes in the sand, with a fresh layer of suntan lotion on to soak up the rays.

  • Each pack includes four tea lights which burn for 3-4 hours each.
  • Note - Due to the variations in soy wax and our policy to not use additives, glass adhesion may vary before and after use. This does not affect burn time or quality of scent. 

About the company:

Golden State Wax Co. was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team Kellen and Em Dengler. After spending three years living in Franklin, Tennessee, they moved back to their home state of California with a renewed love of all it has to offer. They wanted to celebrate the diversity and richness of the Golden State while creating a product made with quality ingredients, so this little candle company was born. 

Their candles are always hand poured in small batches using 100% soy wax made in the US, while each scent and name are inspired by the many offerings of the state of California and its rich history. 

Golden State Wax believes in giving back, which is why 10% of all their sales go back into organizations they feel are making the world a better place. After spending three years living in Franklin, Tennessee they saw the impact firsthand of their current charity ShowHope.